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Biology Overview - Overview PowerPoint - Podcast

Profiles of Biologists are available on this site to provide insight into the activities, educational preparation, and daily challenges of individuals working in the field of Biology. Profiles cover a variety of career paths and educational backgrounds.  Each is also available as a PDF to facilitate sharing with students or others.

While these are useful tools for glimpsing into the working lives of different biologists, it may also be helpful to network with professionals who can provide even more input, or answer your specific questions.  Bear in mind that these profiles are simply snapshots of a group of biologists at one point in their career.  It is possible that these people have moved on to other jobs, perhaps expanded their education, or made other changes since the profile was created.  These individuals are not available for individual contact, but have provided candid descriptions of their education, work experiences, and career paths. 

Add a Profile
If you are a biologist or a student currently studying biology, and would be interested in contributing a profile to this site, please download and complete a biologist or biology student profile form.  Thank you!

Profiles of Biologists and Biology Students

Name Employer Job Function
Peter J. Auster University of Connecticut Research Associate
Professor of Marine Sciences
Angela Benson-Grier Indiana Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Research Biologist
Charles Berry United States Geological Survey Professor, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Marco L. Bianchini Italian National Research Council Senior Researcher
Woodward S. Bousquet Shenandoah University Chair, Environmental Studies Department
Judy Brusslan California State University, Long Beach Professor
Jinx Campbell University of Southern Mississippi Assistant Professor
Patricia B. Cox Tennessee Valley Authority Senior Botanist
Dennis DeVries Auburn University Professor
Michael J. Dougherty American Society of Human Genetics Director of Education
Trish Flaster Botanical Liaisons, LLC Executive Director
Philip D. Gingerich Museum of Paleontology
The University of Michigan
Professor and Director
Louis J. Gross University of Tennessee, Knoxville Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics
Vincent P. Gutschick Global Change Consulting Consortium, Inc. Director
Sarah Hagedorn Environmental Defense Fund Ocean Scientist
Richard Lawrence Hoffman Virginia Museum of Natural History Director of Research & Collections
Curator, Recent Invertebrates
Daniel R. Howard University of Toronto at Scarborough NSF Minority Postdoctoral Research Fellow
John R. Hunziker Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Fisheries Technician III
Kimberly W. Jones Town of Bluffton, SC Natural Resources Manager
Edna S. Kaneshiro University of Cincinnati Distinguished Research Professor
Brian Kloeppel Western Carolina University Associate Professor
Natalie Kuldell Massachusetts Institute of Technology Instructor
Sue Margulis Lincoln Park Zoo Curator of Primates
Charles A. "Chuck" McClaugherty Mount Union College Professor of Ecology and Environmental Science
Lauren E. McGee Ohio State University Environmental Science (MS) Student
Craig M. Nelson Kaiser Permanente Medical Center;
California State University, Fullerton
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
John Ogden Florida Institute of Oceanography; University of South Florida Director/Professor
Aldemaro Romero Arkansas State University Chair and Professor
Frederick W. Stoss SUNY, University at Buffalo Associate Librarian
Hans Sues National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Associate Director for Research and Collections
Theodore (Ted) Tibbitts University of Wisconsin, Madison Emeritus Professor of Horticulture
Judith S. Weis Rutgers University Professor of Biology
Alexander Werth Hampden-Sydney College Elliott Professor and Chair, Department of Biology
Keith Wolf KWA Ecological Sciences, Inc. Principal Science Advisor


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