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Construction Engineering Technology
Construction engineering technologists take on the responsibility of managing or supervising a wide range of activities to converting engineering plans and specifications into finished structures.  Some construction engineering technologists focus on home and other building structures, while others work on highway, bridge, or underground construction projects.
They apply their knowledge and and experiences to many aspects of construction, including labor management, materials specification and estimating, cost estimating, overall planning, and phased construction plans. They hold many different job titles, including contractors, supervisors, project managers, job superintendents, estimators, safety specialists, schedulers, and examiners.

Those interested in a career in construction engineering technology should consider reviewing engineering technology programs that are accredited by ABET, Inc. However, there are many ET programs not yet accredited by ABET, so check with your local community college or university for more information. If you choose to attend a program that is not ABET accredited, you should be sure that the university is regionally accredited. Students take courses such as computer-aided drafting, surveying, construction materials and systems, graphics and design, estimating, strength of materials, environmental and land use planning, and timber structures. The
following is a current list of all universities offering accredited degree programs in construction engineering technology.


Professional Organizations

Associated General Contractors of America
American Society of Professional Estimators
American Society of Civil Engineers




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