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Industrial Engineering Technology
Industrial engineering technologists study the efficient use of personnel, materials, and machines in factories, stores, repair shops, and offices. They prepare layouts of machinery and equipment, plan the flow of work, make statistical studies, and analyze production costs. Industrial engineering technologist typically work in areas such as cost estimating, facilities planning, manufacturing process design, production control, or quality assurance. Industrial engineering technologists work in teams with others to solve problems dealing with a work location, the layout of a plant, the flow of materials in a facility, production planning and control, the safety of workers, and quality control. They work in a wide variety of industries and fields, including manufacturing, medical care, transportation, software development, and government.

Those interested in a career in industrial engineering technology should consider reviewing engineering technology programs that are accredited by ABET, Inc. However, there are many ET programs not yet accredited by ABET, so check with your local community college or university for more information. If you choose to attend a program that is not ABET accredited, you should be sure that the university is regionally accredited. Students explore cost estimating, industrial and environmental safety, quantitative methods, statistical process control, and quality control. 

Professional Organizations

Institute of Industrial Engineers



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