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STEM Initiatives and Precollege Programs and Projects
Participating in precollege programs and project can provide hands on experience with a range of career options and provides networking opportunities with students and mentors.  There are also STEM initiatives in California that can provide additional, local resources and ideas.

Center for STEM Education and Outreach (C-SEO)
Texas Instruments California Exam Prep
Northern California Science Olympiad
Southern California Science Olympiad
The Center for STEM Excellence at Sacramento State University

California Precollege Summer Programs
Summer programs offer concentrated exposure to STEM activities -- a great experience for many students potentially interested in a STEM career. This is just a partial list; check out other offerings at many California universities and community colleges.

California Institute of Technology Summer Science Program
California Science Center Hands-on Summer Camp

Education Unlimited Summer Camps at California Universities
Lawrence Hall of Science Research Camps for High School Students
Lawrence Hall of Science Summer Camps
MIT/CalTech Research Science Institute
Sally Ride Science Camp

Society of American Military Engineers/Seabees Camp
Stanford University Math Camp
Stanford Medical Youth Science Program's Summer Residential Program
University of California-Davis: California State Summer School for Math & Science
UC Davis Young Scholars Program

University of California at Santa Barbara Research Mentorship Program for Pre-College
University of California, San Diego Academic Connections
Westmont College Summer Science Program

For California Parents, Teachers, Counselors
The following groups and organizations are focused on education in California.

Association of California School Administrators
ern Association of College Admission Counselors
California Association of Student Financial Aid Officers
California Mathematics Council
California Teachers Association
Teach California
California Federation of Teachers
California State PTA
California School Boards Association
California Association of School Counselors

California Science Teachers Association
California Department of Education
California Department of Education Content Standards




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