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Statistics Overview - Preparation - Day In The Life - Earnings - Employment - Career Path Forecast - Professional Organizations 

Professional Organizations
Professional societies provide an excellent means of keeping current and in touch with other professionals in the field. These groups can play a key role in your development and keep you abreast of what is happening in your field. Associations promote the interests of their members and provide a network of contacts that can help you find jobs and move your career forward. They can offer a variety of services including job referral services, continuing education courses, insurance, travel benefits, periodicals, and meeting and conference opportunities. The following is a partial list of professional associations serving statisticians and employers.  A broader list of professional associations is also available by clicking here.

American Statistical Association
The American Statistical Association (ASA) is partner of the Career Cornerstone Center.  It is a scientific and educational society founded in 1839 with the following mission: To promote excellence in the application of statistical science across the wealth of human endeavor. 

Caucus for Women in Statistics
The Caucus for Women in Statistics was formed in 1970 to focus on specific problems associated with the participation of women in statistically oriented professions.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics
The IMS is an international professional and scholarly society devoted to the development, dissemination, and application of statistics and probability. The Institute currently has about 4,000 members in all parts of the world.

International Statistical Institute
Established in 1885, the International Statistical Institute (ISI) is one of the oldest scientific associations operating in the modern world.


 Actuarial Science


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