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Selecting a university or college is an important decision which must factor in career goals, flexibility, and financial considerations. Be sure to visit campuses if possible, and discuss the school with students already attending.  Look to see whether people graduating from the university are getting jobs in the field you are interested in.  Network with existing professionals for advice and recommendations. When exploring engineering, engineering technology, medicine and other programs, be sure the program is accredited

Where Can I Earn a Degree?
The Career Cornerstone Center has compiled and continually updates the following list of accredited degree granting organizations for many degree fields.  There is also a longer A to Z list of all fields. These files may not be all inclusive, so be sure to explore other sources as well.

Actuarial Science

 Atmospheric Science

Dental Hygienist
 Physical Therapist
 Physical Therapist
 Physician Assistant
 Respiratory Therapist
 Veterinary Technology

Aerospace Engineering
 Agricultural Engineering
 Architectural Engineering
 Chemical Engineering
 Civil Engineering
 Computer Engineering
 Electrical and Electronics

 Environmental Engineering
 Industrial Engineering
 Manufacturing Engineering
 Materials Science and Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
 Mining Engineering
 Nuclear Engineering
 Petroleum Engineering
 Software Engineering
 Other Engineering Fields

Engineering Technology

Computer Science
 Information Systems

College Fairs
Local and national college fairs provide a good opportunity to compare a wide range of college and university options in one setting.  They can be a bit overwhelming, so if you plan to attend a large college fair such as those sponsored by the National Association of College Admission Counselors that are held in large convention centers, download a map of the event ahead of time and plan out a route through the booths that will let you explore the schools you are most interested in. Plan out your questions in advance.  For example, if you want to know what type of co-op program the engineering department sponsors, be sure to ask that of each school.  You'll also end up with load of brochures and catalogs, so be selective in what you take because you'll end up carrying it throughout the day.  Consider pre-printing mailing labels with your name, address, and the year you'll begin college and providing these to the university reps so they can mail you appropriate materials.

Additional Online Resources

University/College Career Centers
Many colleges and universities have good online career centers that can help you not only explore the resources of the school, but also find out about school-based support for career research and job hunting. Click here to sample some online university career center sites.




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